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Yoga for All - Yoga Adaptations to Suit Your Body

There are many yoga poses out there that are just so inaccessible or advanced that many of us won't ever be able to get into, no matter how much we practice. So we should adapt the pose to suit the body, not bend our body beyond comfort to get the perfect pose! It's not all about it looks, but how it feels. It’s about making movement accessible and safe for you. It should feel good and be enjoyable. Take the yoga adaptations to suit your body.

A few tips for you....

⭐️Change the depth of a posture ⭐️Open a twist (turn away from the bent leg creating space) instead of closing the twist ⭐️Reduce your stance ⭐️Add a prop like a block or use the wall or a chair for support ⭐️Keep arms are heart level

Below is why modifications are given in ALL of our classes where needed.

Yoga for Pregnancy - postures are chosen and adapted to accommodate your growing bump and any other pregnancy related ailments that may develop throughout your pregnancy.

Yoga for Parent & Baby - postnatal postures are adapted to allow you to hold baby whilst practising but also to allow your body the movement within safe ranges after birthing your baby. As the hormone relaxin is still present we need to be mindful of contributing to joint laxity and instability within your joints. We are also very mindful of your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor that have expanded to accommodate baby but now need the care and attention to allow proper healing to take place. This is the perfect class for mum and baby but we welcome dads/aunties/carers/grandparents if they choose to come along.

Yoga for Women - postures can be adapted depending on your level of activity, energy that day and any other health related issues that need attention. Classes are taught in a flowing style, like a moving meditation, bringing more mindfulness to your practice and building a bit of warmth in the body at your own pace.

Find out more about our classes HERE!


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