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Women's Yoga Flow Corstorphine, Davidson's Mains & Online

Women's Yoga Flow Corstorphine & Davidson's Mains

Womens vinyasa yoga

Holy Cross Church - D'Mains - Wednesdays 8-9pm

Craigsbank Church - Corstorphine -Thursdays 8-9pm 

Flowing and strengthening yoga classes focusing on connecting your breath to movement, helping to quiet and focus the mind. You will learn breathing techniques to help relax you and ease life's stresses. We will end with a guided relaxation for the body and mind to leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

Come and join our welcoming community of local women. These classes are suitable for beginners as it's taught as a slower flow but with more advanced modifications to take if you choose, helping you tailor your yoga practice to you. 

Suitable from 3-6 months postpartum (get in touch for more details).

Let me know of any holidays when booking and I'll happily skip these for you. ​

Get in touch to join our local community!

£88 for 8 weeks

(Single class bookings available as a trial)

Yoga for All
On Demand

beginners yoga

On Demand Video Library


Free trial then £9.99/month

Prefer the freedom to access video content and practice at a time that suits you? 

  • On demand videos at a time that suits you

  • Different styles of yoga - relaxing yin, energising vinyasa and beginners style hatha

  • Shorter or longer videos to suit your busy lifestyle

  • Relaxations to listen to as you fall asleep

  • Suitable for beginners  with more advanced options

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