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Parent & Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga Classes in Edinburgh that are a perfect blend of yoga for you and baby yoga stretches with rhymes and songs!


We will focus on building strength and stamina safely with post-natal yoga and safe adaptations to suit your body. I will also show you how to adapt your yoga practice with baby. I will guide you through the haze of exhaustion, as we practice breathing techniques to help heal your pelvic floor and relaxation to aid depleted energy levels.

We do yoga with babies to encourage their bodies to grow and develop, creating a fun and beautiful bonding experience for you and baby. This class is very baby led so please don’t worry if you baby is crying, feeding or needs changed. Likewise, if they're asleep - this class was designed with you mind so you can enjoy some much needed self-care.

Suitable for any level, even if you've never tried yoga before, from 6 weeks postpartum or 8-10 weeks after a c-section. Babies from 6 weeks until they are on the move!​ Let me know of any holidays when booking and I'll happily skip these for you. 

£66 for 6 weeks

(These aren't set blocks so you can start any week I have space)

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Corstorphine Baby Yoga Classes

Thursdays 10-11am or 11:20-12:20pm

Craigsbank Church

Baby Yoga Classes in Edinburgh
mum and baby yoga


"I joined Louisa's parent and baby yoga class with my baby when he was a couple of months old. The class was perfect for us in those early days - very relaxed with modifications if you're holding your baby (which I was a lot!). We kept attending the class for many months until he was almost crawling, at which stage the class was still perfect as there is a play area in the centre of the room where I could watch him play while I enjoyed my yoga. Louisa is an excellent teacher and has a lovely calming air about her. She is also extremely happy to give struggling mothers a break by holding their baby for a little while, something which I really appreciated a couple of times. I would highly recommend Louisa's class to any moms or dads!" - Julia

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