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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve never done yoga before, can I still join?

Absolutely – all classes are aimed at beginners with modifications to add on if you choose. Your yoga practice is all about you. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. If there is anything that doesn’t feel right in your body, take the modification given or rest in child’s pose. It’s not all about how yoga looks – it’s about how it feels and how it makes you feel.

Q: Can I book a trial?

Yes, just select a date that suits you and click continue. If you’re unsure if the class style is right you, please get in touch with any questions.

Q: What do I need to bring?

Warm, comfy clothes and a bottle of water. I supply all kit but if you prefer you can bring your own mat or props.  


Q: Can I skip my holidays? What happens if I miss a class?

Just let me know when you’re booking your block of any dates you can’t make and I’ll skip these for you. Spaces are limited and I try to keep a community feel to our classes rather than a PAYG yoga class where it's a different group every week so last minute holidays or missed classes cannot be skipped mid-block and will be charged in full. You can however find a class recording in our what’s app groups once you are signed up that you can do in your own time. (Note - For my women’s flow classes I allow 1 skip per block on top of any pre-arranged holidays).

Q: Cancellations/Refunds

If your class is cancelled, a date will be added to your block or given as a credit to future classes. For missed classes please see above “Can I skip holidays? What happens if I miss a class?”.

Q: How do I re-book?

I hold your space in class until you tell me otherwise and will contact you when you’re coming to the end of your block. For pregnancy yoga, you space will be held until your due date. For baby classes, we can discuss a shorter block if it looks like your wee one is about to be on the move!

Pregnancy Yoga FAQs

Q: I’m due sooner than an 8 week block, can I book a shorter block?

Yes! Get in touch to book a shorter block. I also do PAYG for current clients from ~37 weeks onwards.

Q: When is it best to start?

This class is suitable once you have had your 12 weeks scan and you can continue right up until baby is born.

Q: Is it safe?

I am specifically trained in prenatal yoga to ensure this class is suitable for your pregnancy from 12 weeks to birth. I provide a variety of modifications for pelvic pain, low lying placenta, sciatica etc so you can choose what feels right in your body, which may change as your pregnancy progresses. Please ensure you keep me updated if anything changes in your pregnancy so I can advise you. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or have had any problems during previous or current pregnancies, please run this past your GP before starting the class and discuss with myself.

Parent & Baby Yoga FAQs

Q: What should I bring?

Anything you baby needs – milk/nappies/toys etc as well as a small blanket or muslin for your baby to lie on top of on your mat. For you – comfy clothes and a drink of water. I provide yoga mats but you are welcome to bring your own.

Q: What if my baby cries, needs fed or changed during class?

We very much go with the flow, please do whatever you need to. Please don’t worry if baby cries during class or needs held. I will adapt our class and give variations depending on how many babies are in arms. I will also help if needed. We have a variety of toys on mats in the centre of the room, you are welcome to pop baby there or bring anything to your mat to keep baby entertained.

Q: When can I start yoga after giving birth?

Normally, we would recommend at least 6 weeks after you have given birth. If you have had a caesarean section, then we would recommend 8-10 weeks, depending on how you feel. You can join any week there is space as blocks are rolling rather than set terms. You are welcome to continue coming to class until baby is on the move.

I always provide modifications so you can adapt your practice for prolapse, diastasis recti, pelvic pain or anything else that you are working with to ensure it feels right in your body. You can let me know on your health form when you sign up or send me a message to discuss further.

(As an aside - I would always recommend seeing a women’s health physiotherapist in the months after having a baby (but it’s never too late!). If you look up a Mummy MOT health check, you can get a full head to toe check of how your body is functioning and exercises tailored to you.)

Q: I’m a dad/grandparent/relative/adoptive parent – Can I join with baby?

Yes! Our practice focuses on safe exercise postnatally however is taught in a way that if you were not the one to birth the baby, you can still experience huge benefits from the practice. We focus on community, breathwork, bonding with baby through movement & rhymes, mindful movement and relaxation.

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