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How to Adapt For Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain often appears in pregnancy as the baby grows and the relaxin hormone starts to loosen ligaments and joints in the body ready for birth. There are a few things you can do to reduce this pain, including seeing a women's health physiotherapist. Below are my top tips on what to do/avoid in your pregnancy.

  • Stance - Keep your feet no wider than hip width, even in warrior positions when practising yoga. Visualise keeping your feet in a small box, hip width, one small step forward or one small step back.

  • Walking – Take it easy and try not to walk too fast. Again, think small steps.

  • Sitting - Try and sit evenly, not on one foot, or sitting over to one side. Maybe try sitting on a cushion/chair/birth ball. If sitting cross legged is uncomfortable, try kneeling or staff pose (legs straight out in front).

  • Getting up - From all fours, keep your knees hip width if you can, walking your hands back towards your feet rather than feet towards hands. If getting out of the car swing your legs out together (like the queen). You can sit on a plastic bag to help you swivel round. Same with getting in, just remember to remove it so you don't slide about whilst driving!

  • Try not to lift anything too heavy eg children, or push shopping trolleys.

  • Climbing stairs – depending on how bad your pain is, try going up on all fours to take some weight off your hips.

  • Balancing – Try to avoid standing on one leg, be that during yoga or in daily life putting shoes/trousers on.

  • Avoid anything that causes pain. Don't force yourself into any postures that don't feel right. If it does get worse, try to think about what you've been doing the past few days and if you can pin point what might have irritated it. See a physio to help ease discomfort.

Finally, a couple of things you can do that may help reduce pain:

  • Pelvic Floor Exercises

  • Pelvic Tilts

Make sure you find a yoga teacher who is trained in pregnancy yoga who can help you adapt your practice. You can find out more about my classes here

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