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Michelle's Positive C-Section

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I had an elective C section and I wouldn’t change a thing. We had to wait from 10 until about 3:30 because of an emergency but it was the chillest day. My husband and I could just sit and do nothing together 🥰. Then when I was brought down, we got to play our playlist over the speaker and the staff were singing along to some of the songs 🤣! My hubby was under the drape beside me, facing me with my arm across him the whole time. He got to cut the cord and get cuddles. I got skin-to-skin in the sense that they put his little cheek next to mine while they stitched me up and got him on my chest ASAP. 40 mins in recovery, tea and toast on the ward pronto! He was born to Heroes by David Bowie at 16.03, I was on my feet at 11pm that night, catheter out at 7am the next day and we were home by 7pm!! Of course I was sore but once I kept on top of my meds I was grand! Walking with the pram at Day 5!

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