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Sabena's Calm Hospital Birth

My waters broke at home the day after my due date (much less dramatically than the movies). I went into hospital to double check this and we discussed options an

d I decided I wanted to wait for my contractions to start naturally rather than be induced. I went back home and started to get some bleeding in the waters so they called me back into the hospital to monitor me and everything with me and baby were completely normal (they said it was most likely discharge from the mucus plug). However, I was kept in overnight in the antenatal ward for monitoring. The doctors were keen to induce me the next morning, however I made it clear that this was my last preference.

Contractions started in the morning gradually and then over a few hours built up in intensity and frequency. The tens machine was great for this phase alongside my breathing

and bouncing on the birthing ball. It got to 8pm and my contractions got more intense and I used my all fours position to ease the pain as well as guiding my husband to help with counter pressure. I got transferred to the labour ward not long after and they broke the rest of the waters and did a sweep. The midwife said go for a walk get something to eat and then come back. As soon as I got downstairs the pain of contractions got so much more severe! I had to lean on my husband to breathe every minute on the way back to the ward.

As soon as I entered the room I requested the gas and air and it was great. I used my up and down breathing whilst taking in the gas and air. As labour progressed, I again got down on all fours with gas and air in one hand and my husband h

elping with the counter pressure at the same time. Since I had to be monitored around the belly this was made difficult and the midwife had to put a clamp on the babies head which disrupted my flow a bit. The clamp then came off at one point and I had to return to the bed for them to replace it. At this point my eyes were closed and it was all a blur but I heard the midwives say prepare for birth.

The pushing was really intense and I remember the midwife taking away my gas and air! According to her I managed to push him out in 11 minutes. As soon as I saw him all the pain was forgotten. Even though it was not the birth centre birth I was hoping for, I was very grateful I could do it unmedicated and avoid the induction. Couldn’t have done it without the help of my up and down breathing and my active labour!

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