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Fiona's Positive Hospital Birth

My waters broke on Halloween evening as I was answering the door to excited kids who were guising! One being my neighbour who asked when I was due, imminently was the answer.

We called the hospital and they told us to have some food then come into the RIE.

We had to put a plastic bag down in the car to catch my pooling waters, I'll never forget that feeling when I stood up after parking to them running down my legs!

We got taken straight away and it turned out I had high blood pressure, protein in my urine and urea in my blood. The doctor told me that she was sorry but she'd have to ruin my birth plan. My plan was water bath, fairy lights, aromatherapy and chilled music, what many wish for. Instead I was sent to the antenatal ward at 2am and my husband was sent home to wait.

Still no contractions I assumed they'd start any minute, but when the morning rounds were done I was told that if they didn't start within a certain amount of hours they'd need to induce me. If your waters break you're more likely to get an infection.

The whole day passed, we went for walks, bounced on the birthing ball, squats, you name it...nothing. So, I was informed a pessary was needed to be inserted. It's like a tampon they pop around your cervix. Easy peasy getting inserted and I was told to go out for a walk around the grounds.

Then, disaster, it fell out in the loo. No one was around to put it back in so I'd need to wait, maybe go on the drip. I was so nervous for the drip I started making plans for getting an epidural as I'd heard horror stories.

That night, an hour before the dreaded drip time, they turned the ward lights off and bam, contractions. The oxytocin is real with darkness. This is where it gets positive, I promise.

The waves came and went. I downloaded the Freya app and listened to the breathing counting. Remembered my yoga practice for it. I breathed through every one until suddenly I needed to push. I mean really needed to push. I was rushed to the delivery room and 10 minutes later my son was born a healthy 7lbs.

I'm in no way bragging at all but I didn't think to ask for pain killers. Not even paracetamol. I was so focused on my breathing and positive thoughts that it didn't cross my mind! And on my birth plan I had "gimme all the drugs" underlined in bold!

I'd had a 2nd degree tear and didn't feel it, then I was fully numbed while consuming my tea and toast while being stitched up. All the while I could hear my new baby sooking on his fingers cuddling into his dad skin on skin. The most bizarre blissful moment of my life!

It's not how I planned it at all but they're right, you forget the pain and look back on it fondly as a nice night I met my son.

You've got this ladies!

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