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Becca's Positive Hospital Birth

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I attended Louisa’s pregnancy yoga from around 16 weeks, and cannot recommend it highly enough. It was undoubtedly a major factor in my positive birth story!

After a sweep, my waters broke at home at 41+3, and very soon I was contracting every few minutes. On arrival at the birth centre, I was already 4cm, in pain and scared! The midwife told me to breathe and that’s when I remembered all the things I’d practised in yoga (breathing in for 4 and out for 8, open pelvis positions and mantras such as “your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because they are you”). After that, all I did was focus on my breathing, everything else became a blur.

Once it became clear that baby was coming quickly, I was transferred to labour ward and our little girl was born 3 hours later with the help of a kiwi cup. I was then rushed to theatre, which again could have been scary, but I felt so calm by focusing on breathing.

Although my birth plan of relaxing at home, a water birth and a lovely, golden hour with my baby did not happen, I had a wonderful and empowering experience. Once I was in control of breathing, I never felt out of control.

My advice would be to go to yoga, get informed and be prepared! My birth plan with breathing exercises and mantras for my husband to say to me stayed in our hastily parked car, but I had practised enough that I knew them. Also, have your bags packed!!

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